Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Analyzing Performance Gaps

       I will develop a learning intervention to for the XYZ. The company is a leading manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments. The global customer service center is located near my home in. There are over 25 multi-lingual Customer service agents on staff handling calls and products ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

My limited knowledge of the company was garnered through communication with a former classmate who works in the training department. I have been tasked with developing an asymmetric SCORM/Experience API eLearning module on Infrared thermometers. Specifically, I will have to create a module from scratch with addresses the following (tentative) learning objectives Include:
             Recall historical and contemporary methods of measuring temperature.
-          Recall the advantages and restrictions in using infrared thermometers.
-          Describe the basic operating principles of infrared thermometers.
-          Assist customers in selecting and troubleshooting infrared thermometers.

Additional parameters call for a moderate degree of student interaction and animation. According to a survey of active Instructional Designers conducted by (Kapp, Defelice 2009) it takes 150-200 hours to develop one-hour of eLearning using elearning software containing templates. Additionally, requires limiting the length of eLearning modules to 20-minutes or less. With these thoughts in mind, I hereby request to limit the length my module to 20-minutes, exclusive of a summative assessment.  If my work meets company standards, it will be populated on the company LMS.

Kapp, K., & Defelice, R. (2009). Time to Develop One Hour of Training. Retrieved March 04, 2016, from

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