Saturday, July 5, 2014

Essential ISD Links

Big Dog and Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition
An invaluable reference page for ISD's, Educators and Training and Development professionals. Site landing page organizes subject-matter behind user friendly radio buttons. Site owner (Don Clark) freely shares his extensive knowledge of HRD and Training and Development. There are over 50 entries on the subject of learning covering everything from Bloom's Taxonomy to Social Learning and Media. This site provides one stop shopping for most of your ISD and Learning Theory questions. The site seamlessly bridges the gap between a web site and blog, with frequent timely comments on contemporary subjects.

This blog provides tips and tricks for unleashing the full capabilities of PowerPoint. Host Geetesh Bajaj owns a PowerPoint template and presentation design studio and adds fresh content through daily updates. After a brief familiarization period, users are advised to stop by once a week to remain current on the latest tips and tricks. Instructional Designers, Teachers and Technical Trainers responsible for designing and delivering Instructor led training will benefit from the tutorials and tips. Although, a great deal of the content is free, there are a series of templates and ebooks available for small fee.

The Rapid eLearning Blog 

Blogger Tom Kuhlmann makes frequent contributions to the Linkedin Instructional Design Professional's group. His blog's intuitive feel and slick application of graphics testifies to both Tom's talent and time (20 years) in the trenches designing elearning courses. Tom is a Community Manager for Articulate ISD software and his active site is loaded with practical tips for Trainers and Instructional designers. Tom occasionally breaks the mold regarding ISD convention, but his assertions are always backed by plausible alternatives. Return here frequently for updated tips on applied Instructional Design.


  1. Thank you for sharing the links Robin, they are indeed very resourceful.

  2. Rob, Thanks for sharing the blogs for ID. The Big Dog 7 Little Dog site is useful.


    1. Thanks Amy,

      Don's site has always been a great T&D reference source.

  3. In reviewing some of our colleagues posts about resources they find useful in their endeavors as Instructional Designers and training professionals, I found the “Indezine” resource in particular, very resourceful, it will help me book sense and dollar sense. Starting out in the Instructional Design realm can be costly, whether one decides to be self-contracted or work for a large organization. A lot of companies require that you be familiar with Lectora, Articulate, Captivate, Adobe Suite and PowerPoint, but the bulk of these programs cost about $1000 if not more a year. You have an awesome and Informative blog and I especially enjoyed the “Indezine” resource, which provided details on making more than just the basic PowerPoint. This resource alone will serve as a catalyst to the career of a budding instructional designer. PowerPoint is software that comes along with most Microsoft Office Suite packages and are usually affordable and provided in most computers’ standard packaging. The detail found on the website can walk the beginner through the advanced in terms of creating animation, shapes and other essentials needed to create a cutting edge presentation as an Instructional Designer. I look forward to learning more about this resource, and will definitely be adding Indezine to my list of resources.

  4. Thanks Alesheia,

    Let's hope we get to use some of the software suites you mentioned as we proceed down the pipeline.